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13 March - 12 April

Monday- Saturday 10:30- 17:00

Sunday 11:00- 16:00  

Image Credit: Melanie Stidolph

Except the Mirror

Artists: Sophie Clements, Annie MacDonell, Tom Lovelace, Richard Paul, Melanie Stidolph, Alice Walton

Except the Mirror is a group show that explores the movement and positioning of objects and found images in relationship to an evidencing and externalizing of artists’ thought. Interested in the artists selected in terms of what they reveal and offer around a making process that is engaged with a long-term fascination with forms of representation. Alice Walton's work provides a central sculptural pivot to the exhibition with the repeated act of a precise editing and positioning of found images.  Tom Lovelace’s stilled performances for the camera reveal excerpts from a line of thinking through action.

Sophie Clements video work joins the poetic randomness of objects in motion with a science of capture.The free fall and solidity of the work, enhanced through the sound track, creates a balance between intentionality and chance, harnessed by the artist. The work uses objects and the voice to animate the camera - through their movement in space and in conversation with the equipment.  The repeatedly appearing coloured balls are evidence of a certain exhaustion of ideas, a process of trial and error in search of a response; a visual appearance that mirrors an internal thought process.  Richard Paul and Annie MacDonnell's work plays with the precise nature of the photographic studio using the symbolism of ordinary objects and archival images. These are employed in an enquiry around images as evidence, through heightened attention to the devices of photographic appearance and representation.  


Artsmith LIVE: 13 March - 12 April

Dates and Times

13 March - 12 April

Monday- Saturday 10:30- 17:00

Sunday 11:00- 16:00